Life Highlight - Father-Daughter Dance

October 10th, 2016 - One very special day - my daughter's wedding.  

What a wonderful day and a truly wonderful couple.  The wedding went perfect and there were many many highlights. Including this one, the father - daughter dance.  Of course it started with the song selection which is is no easy task.  Take a moment and just Google "father - daughter dance songs".  Lots of choices, some real classics too.  That's where I started, but I needed more input.  Luckily I have a few friend's who have recently made this selection so I asked their input.  Hmmm, great input, but still couldn't find the message I really wanted.  Then I thought about a fairly current song that really resonated.  

The song I needed had to really convey one very simple but powerful message.  You see my daughter and I have a great relationship, she knows she is the twinkle in my eye, but her new husband is in the United States Air Force (and YES I am very proud of him and his service), but that means when he is stationed in across the country in the great state of Georgia, as he is now, my daughter lives states away.  So I needed and found the song that had the message I wanted to make sure my daughter never forgot.  The song, Charlie Puth's "One Call Away".

Not at all traditional, but now very special for both her and I.